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Sep 2016

The Fight Against the North Dakota Access Pipeline Isn’t Done

As indigenous activists and environmentalists ramp up actions at Dakota Access Pipeline construction sites, solidarity marches have sprung up across U.S. cities. War News Radio accompanied other Swarthmore students to a #NODAPL march in Philadelphia, and video of the protest will be released soon. This week, reporter Gabriel Contreras offers insight into the timeline of these protests and interviews two students from Swarthmore’s environmental action group, Mountain Justice.

May 2016

Filibusted Presents - Putin The Greatest Hits: Throwing It Back for a Look at Media Representations of US Russia Relations

It’s hard to listen to the news without getting angry. War News Radio’s Jay Clayton and Sabrina Merold have stopped trying. WNR proudly presents “Filibusted”, with all the news that makes us tear our hair out. This month’s topic? US Russia Relations.

Apr 2016

A Comparative Analysis of Gender Violence

This week on War News Radio, reporter Anna Weber takes a comparative look at the widespread crisis of femicide in Latin America. Recent protests across the region have sparked new media coverage and legislation in an attempt to combat gender discrimination. Anna interviewed two sexual harassment prevention organizations, one in Peru and one in Argentina, in order to learn their different methods to raise sexual harassment awareness.

Apr 2016

Eye Opening, Intense, Informative: A Swarthmore Trip to Israel and Palestine

War News Radio's Joelle Hageboutros spoke with three students from Professor Atshan's Israeli Palestinian Conflict class who traveled to the region to see and experience first-hand what they had been studying for a semester. Here's their story.

Apr 2016

Five Out of Seven Million

This week on War News Radio, we catch up on Hong Kong's case of the five missing booksellers. Why did the disappearance of bookstore employees stir up mass protest and unrest? And how does this complicate Hong Kong's relationship with mainland China? Haruka Ono, Katherine Kwok, and Katherine Pemberton tell us more...

Apr 2016

Digging Deeper with Coda Story

This week, War News Radio’s Eduard Saakashvili interviewed Natalia Antelava and Ilan Greenberg about the creation of a new website changing how journalists report on global crises, Coda Story, focusing on delving deeper into global conflicts and crises than mainstream media.

Mar 2016

Perspectives on Democracy and Diplomatic Relations: Iran and the United States

What is the state of democracy in Iran? Although the 2016 US Presidential elections are occupying media and pundit analysis, equally significant electoral changes are occurring around the world.  This week, we will be analyzing last month’s elections in Iran, and what they hold for the future of Iranian relations, both domestic and foreign. We will also revisit the Iran-US prisoner swap that occurred this past January.

War News Radio’s Ava Shafiei spoke to Shervin Malekzadeh, a visiting professor of political science at Swarthmore College. As an Iranian-American and frequent visitor to Iran, Malekzadeh provides us with commentary on the state of Iranian democracy and attitudes of the Iranian populace.

Feb 2016

A Local Take on a Global Problem

This week on War News Radio, we hear from our partner station, Yatsani FM in Lusaka, Zambia on the impact of climate change on food security in Zambia. Featuring two panelists, a geophysicist and an economist. Tune in for an on the ground examination of an ever growing problem. 
Feb 2016

Humanizing Refugee Journeys

This week on War News Radio, Anna Weber interviews Jody Williams about the plight of refugees during the current European refugee crisis and the importance of seeing the crisis as a human crisis when continuing to find solutions.

Feb 2016

Zika Virus: Unrealistic Restrictions on Women’s Health

This week on War News Radio, we report on the epidemic of the Zika virus in Latin America.