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Nov 2016

Human History’s Biggest Labor Strike

This past September, tens of millions of Indian workers staged a one-day general strike to protest Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic policies. It was the biggest work stoppage in human history. Reporters Aru Shiney-Ajay and Will Marchese recap the strike and further interview Indian labor organizers and scholars. 

Nov 2016

Narrow Passages Part I

This week on War News Radio, we kick off our series on the resettlement process for refugees coming out of the bitter conflict in Syria. In this first part of Narrow Passages, we look at the institutions that serve as the first point of contact for refugees, how an individual becomes a refugee, and how Western media distorts the reality of the crisis and the resettlement process. 

Nov 2016

A War-Torn Power Plant

A single hydropower plant produces a third of the electricity consumed in the Republic of Georgia. But the plant’s generator lies on land controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Since the 90’s, the area has seen war, ethnic cleansing, and an increasingly suffocating Russian occupation. But amid all this tension, the power plant has somehow kept operating without problems. Eduard Saakashvili took a look at how that works.


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