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Mar 2014

Weekly Newscast - March 28, 2014

This week on War News Radio, Ukrainian military forces leave Crimea, an Egyptian court sentences to death 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, a pro-government militia kills 151 rebels in the Darfur region of Sudan, North Korea launches two medium-range ballistic missiles, and more.

Mar 2014

Weekly Newscast - March 20, 2014

This week on War News Radio, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty annexing Crimea, Israeli air forces fired on Syrian military bases, international talks continued over Iran’s nuclear program, and more.

Mar 2014

Hearing a Voice: Reframing the Issue of Sex Trafficking in the Iraqi Legal System and Society

Sex trafficking is a widespread problem for women and girls in Iraq. For sex trafficking victims, currently their voice is silenced under the law, society typically views them as prostitutes, and limited social resources exist once they are free. War News Radio’s Sabrina Merold spoke to Sherizaan Minwala, an expert on the sex trafficking of women and girls in Iraq about how honor codes predispose women to become victims of sex-trafficking, why combatting sex-trafficking is not a priority in Iraq, and what could be done to change sex trafficking in the Iraqi legal system and in society. 

WARNING: this piece contains discussions of rape.

Mar 2014

Control and Conflict

This week on War News Radio, “Control and Conflict.” First, we learn more about the origins of the conflicts in Ukraine and Venezuela. Next, we interview two anti-war activists about their role in the 1971 FBI break-in in Media, Pennsylvania. Then, we hear from a Swarthmore student about her experiences studying abroad in the Middle East. Finally, we talk to an expert about the problem of sex trafficking in Iraq. Stay with us.

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