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Aug 2011

Disrupting Conventions

This Week on War News Radio: Disrupting Conventions. We hear about this year's protests in Iraq and how they fit into the Arab Spring as a whole. Then, we learn about a British rights group that has filed litigation against the United States for its drone strikes in Pakistan. Finally, we hear about the creation of the Afghan Women's National Soccer team, the challenges they've faced, and the successes they've had. But first, a roundup of this week's news.

Aug 2011

The Homefront

This week on War News Radio, “The Homefront”. We first hear about a photography project that memorializes the bedrooms left empty by fallen American soldiers. Then, we learn about the struggles that military spouses face while their loved ones are deployed overseas. Finally, we speak with journalist and author Marvin Kalb, whose book investigates how the shadow of the Vietnam War has affected the current conflicts in the Middle East.

Aug 2011

Recovering From War

This week on War News Radio, “Recovering From War.” We first take a look at the looting of the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art during the fall of Baghdad and the efforts it has taken to restore the art. Then, we hear about the efforts of one group to memorialize the historic, book-selling center of Baghdad, Al-Mutannabi Street, which was destroyed after a car bombing in 2007. Finally, we hear survival stories from Iraqi women who were subjected to human trafficking.

Aug 2011

Voices of Change

This week on War News Radio, “Voices of Change”, we first hear about the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak and other post-revolution developments in Egypt. Then, we look into the unemployment crisis plaguing Iraqi refugees now in America. But first, a roundup of this week’s news.

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