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Dec 2010

Pop Culture

First, we learn about Afghans' love of Bollywood cinema. Then, we hear about how soldiers are using Youtube. Next, we take a look at an art exhibit focusing on the war in Afghanistan. Finally, we hear from US soldiers affected by the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Dec 2010

Widening the Lens

This week on War News Radio, we present a show from our sister studio, the Sudan Radio Project.

First, an update on the emerging obstacles to the January South Sudan referendum, coming from within Sudan and from neighboring countries.

Next, we hear from a Sudanese musician living in Dubai, whose R&B hits have attracted listeners from across the Middle East.

Then, a look at the work one South Sudanese organization is doing to promote HIV awareness.

And last, Barry Stein, a Political Science prof at Michigan State University, helps us to draw connections between the conflicts in Darfur and in the Congo.

Dec 2010


First, we learn about labor movements in Iraq.

Then, we consider the role of foreign correspondents.

Next, we look into the Obama Administration's troop increase in Afghanistan.

Finally, we hear about Baghdad's famous Al Rasheed Street.

Plus, this week's news.

Dec 2010

Under New Management

First, we take a look at the new government in Iraq - and what it signifies for Iraq's future.

Then, in our second in a media analysis series, we examine coverage of Obama's trip to Afghanistan.

Finally, we speak to medical students who are part of the Army's Health Professions Scholarship Program.

This, and the week's news.

Dec 2010

Left Behind

First, we learn about an America soldier missing in action. Jeremy Rapaport-Stein reports.

Then, we look into media coverage of the recent Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell report released by the Pentagon. Karim Sariahmed has the story.

Finally, we hear from a veteran about his experiences serving in Iraq. Jared Nolan reports.

These stories, plus this week’s news.

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