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WNR Mixtape; or, the Sounds of Violence

This week on War News Radio, the third and last piece in our series on Central American migration. Reporter Liliana Frankel interviews El Wanaco, a young Salvadoran rapper, and examines the painful history of exchanges between El Salvador and the United States. 

Music featured in this episode:
The Next Time Around - Little Joy (opening credits)
Gracias madresita - El Wanaco
Inmigrante - El Wanaco
El Emigrante - Los Tigres del Norte
Prepárame la cena - Calle 13
Que vayas con dios - Big Boy
There is Something in my Heart - Ghetto Brothers
Don´t Believe the Hype - Public Enemy
Fuck tha Police - N.W.A.
Instrumental con guitarra - Marvin Palacios
Mix Mega Loco - DJ Emerson, El Mago Melódico, System Music
5 de julio - Sin Rivales
Milonga del fusilado - Yolocamba Ita
Cielo gris - Pescozada
Cuánto cuesta - Reyes del Bajo Mundo
Reflexión - Gangster Fury
A lo mejor - Banda MS (closing credits)
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A Spanish version of this episode will be available next week. 


Aquí lanzamos la segunda crónica en nuestra serie sobre la crisis migratoria en México. Esta semana, les presentamos el testimonio de Alex, un migrante hondureño que creció en Canadá. Hace ocho años fue deportado, y las consecuencias de su exilio han sido mucho mas graves que se esperara.

Pueden encontrar la primera crónica, "A la fuerza", en nuestra página de web, http://www.warnewsradio.org. También hay versiones de ambas historias en inglés.

Lingering Illness

As infection rates in West Africa fall, coverage of the Ebola epidemic in Western news sources has declined rapidly. But affected countries continue to suffer from damage caused by the outbreak and the international community still has not resolved infrastructure issues that prevented more effective intervention. War News Radio’s Sabrina Merold talks to Dr. Trish Henwood, Director of Global Health Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania, about her time in Liberia during the outbreak and the challenges — personal and organizational — and that come with epidemic response work.  


Weekly Newscast - October 10, 2014

This week on War News Radio, despite airstrikes by the Unites States and its allies, ISIS now controls much of the Syrian city of Kobani, hostilities have broken out between Indian and Pakistani forces in the border region of Kashmir, the Canadian parliament approved anti-ISIS airstrikes, and more. 


Weekly Newscast - September 5, 2014

This week on War News Radio, US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Palestinian negotiators, Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a peace plan after speaking with Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko, President Barack Obama commits to sending 350 more non-combat American troops to Iraq, and more. 


Weekly Newscast - April 25, 2014

This week on War News Radio, violence in South Sudan prevents peace talks, Fatah and Hamas reconcile, Israeli-Palestinian talks suspended indefinitely, the United States pledges military support to Japan in light of China-Japan territorial disputes and more


Weekly Newscast - April 18, 2014

This week on War News Radio, clashes between Ukrainian security forces and pro-Russian activists, the sentencing of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, armed gunmen stormed a United Nations peacekeeping base in South Sudan, and more.


Weekly Newscast - April 11, 2014

This week on War News Radio, Pro-Russian demonstrators seize government buildings in Ukraine, Israeli/Palestinian peace talks face more barriers, car bombs in Syria and Iraq continue to threaten civilian populations, Kenyan authorities arrest over 3,000 Somalis in a security crackdown, and more.


Weekly Newscast - March 28, 2014

This week on War News Radio, Ukrainian military forces leave Crimea, an Egyptian court sentences to death 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, a pro-government militia kills 151 rebels in the Darfur region of Sudan, North Korea launches two medium-range ballistic missiles, and more.


Weekly Newscast - March 20, 2014

This week on War News Radio, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty annexing Crimea, Israeli air forces fired on Syrian military bases, international talks continued over Iran’s nuclear program, and more.